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Applied Observability

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and we witness something new and exciting every year. The latest trend that has taken over the tech industry by storm is “Applied Observability”. It refers to using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Big Data analytics, and cloud computing to analyse data in real time.

This megatrend is quickly adopted across various industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, travel & hospitality. For instance – In the healthcare sector, IoT sensors on medical devices are used to get accurate patient data, which helps doctors push personalised care for patients while identifying any health concerns much before time. The retail industry can analyse shopping patterns with ML algorithms, analysing video footage, thus marketing personalisation to boost customers’ footfalls. Manufacturing organisations reduce maintenance downtimes by anticipating equipment breakdowns based on predictive AI models. Organisations are moving away from reactive approaches towards proactive ones.

Here Is How Applied Observability Works

In a nutshell, the approach involves collecting massive amounts of real-time data through sensors or connected devices powered by IoT. This collected information about any process will be analysed via machine learning algorithms predicting possible outcomes. So when any anomaly is observed, the system flags these anomalies detecting expected parameters at different stages. From live reports/alerts/visualisations, analytics teams can respond proactively, avoiding issues related to outages/downtime for long periods. It furthermore leads us to identify operational inefficiencies so actionable improvements can be made to accelerate growth rates.

Why Applied Observability Holds So Much Potential

At the centre of applied observability lies customer satisfaction. Combining data gathered through our products/services life span under one umbrella provides tremendous company opportunities. During ongoing operations, pattern analysis, integration among systems, and more streamlined operational capabilities would provide better service experiences creating brand loyalty among customers cemented. And since its proactive nature prevents errors rather than alleviating them after they’ve been detected means providing quality service with minimal interruption, which ultimately results in happier & satisfied end consumers/guests, which translates into business profitability. One crucial thing that needs to be mentioned here is privacy regulations. Companies must follow specific privacy measures to balance customised experiences and protect users’ sensitive information.

It is not just improving Customers’ Experience But Employees Too!

Employees use corporate IT assets extensively throughout their workday. Persistent hardware/software issues around these assets increase employee grievances and impede team productivity. With implementing the observation approach conducting regular diagnostics updates and understanding utilisation/workloads management becomes easy. This helps managers ensure the current digital environment fulfils expectations across departments/maintenance downtime is avoidable, thereby reducing employee annoyance. In addition, support ticket burnout due to recurring minor fixes decreases as engineers have a vision of the entire scope, starting from asset warranty, cost tracking, equipment monitoring etc. In essence, conserving human error manifests that automation treats employees as solely responsible for escalations resulting in escalated morale.

Technology trends keep changing rapidly, but undoubtedly this trend defines the technological advancement era. How it proves helpful for businesses to facilitate positive outcomes ensuring revenue upwards trajectory depends entirely on how well adopted and integrated along with the cultural transformation.  They are arising benefits because empowered brilliant insights now make it possible to lay the foundation for bridging physical barriers, minimising downtimes iterating decision-making procedures, reinforcing repeatability aiding potential challengers in surviving tough times ahead. To summarise, “Applied Observability” shall potentially revolutionise multiple facets like productivity, reduced frustration, happier customers, and growth acceleration by utilising modern technological architecture!

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